Friday, August 27, 2010

Zach in the Buff

For anyone who may have missed it, Zach has taken his show idea and made it a reality without the help of Oprah, or functioning legs!

Mad TV Gay Gangster Fight

I've never been a big fan of Mad TV, but this skit gets me rolling every time I watch it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tripcode Explorer

Tripcode Explorer! For making custom tripcodes on imageboards. I can't remember exactly where I got this one from, but it's a bit of fun seeing what you can come up with. The program requires quite a bit of time to generate any request with more than 5-6 characters, but I've gotten up to 8 with a bit of luck.

Here's a few to try out before messing around with the program.

doWaNtzpyw <= #I@yopb-.  

DesU.7f2Wk <= #2V)e]v%R
DESU6aKeug <= #Oe{5TR76


MUDKipG9vI <= #32eD4+Xm
MuDKiPVW7E <= #?MXH4cUe

MuDKiPvRME <= #v%P_@(EO

LolWuT.FrQ <= #b(C*Csoy
LOLWutozys <= #VGv^v3}I
lolWUT88Ao <= #$Rz?RXfp


ZalgoR5ByM <= #=lI1!}X|
ZaLgOPosFY <= #}Mvrye@_


NoNegRoo2A <= #O3AdKJZr

MOARWVcc/w <= #ACqUkC/`

RANdOmKqiY <= #1}U9zAtA

DATASSEMfo <= #`|5uy~u-

swTRIPCoDE <= #L'B7%e8Y


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